Clinically proven to reduce sleep apnea with just 20 minutes use a day.

Say goodbye to masks or MADs – Say hello to daytime therapy.

Clinically proven daytime therapy. Nothing to wear at night.

  • Convenient daytime therapy
    Comfortable and painless leaving you with nothing to wear at night.

  • Reduces Apnea’s
    A recent study found a 52% reduction in the AHI and a 50% reduction in the ODI amongst responders – all without a CPAP

  • Retrains the upper airway
    Physiologically retrains the upper airway. No other device currently on the market does that.

eXciteOSA Daytime Therapy

Daytime therapy. No nighttime wearable.

Clinically proven to reduce mild OSA in just 6 weeks

What is the Difference Between TENS and NMES?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) machines stimulates the sensory nerves (the nerves that send signals from the body to the brain) with the purpose of disrupting the pain signal.

Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) also uses electrical stimulation, but targets the motor nerves (the nerves that send signals from the brain to the body) in order to stimulate the muscles directly.

Sensory and motor nerves fire at different frequencies, which is how TENS and NMES devices are able to impact them differently.

What Are the Benefits of NMES for Sleep Apnea?

eXciteOSA® is a user-controllable neuromuscular electrical stimulator (NMES) that delivers a mild electrical current with defined frequencies to stimulate and improve muscle function in the mouth and tongue.

Unlike traditional sleep apnea treatments, eXciteOSA® targets the tongue to promote endurance of the muscle, thereby reducing airway collapse and snoring during sleep.

A daytime therapy with no night-time wearable necessary for a better night’s sleep.

Why Choose eXciteOSA instead of CPAP?

CPAP delivers air pressure through a mask to open up the airway.

Surgery is usually an option to consider after other treatments have failed. Examples include the removal of soft tissues from the airway, or procedures designed to stiffen the airway.

NMES physiologically retrains the upper airway and tongue to maintain the tongue’s natural position while you sleep, effectively helping your body help itself. eXciteOSA For Sleep Apnea is the only device that delivers NMES. You can also refer to the chart above to better illustrate the main difference.

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